La Source des Aubaines

About Us

La Source Des Aubaines

La Source des Aubaines is a liquidation center that offers quality and brand name big surface store merchandise at a fraction of the cost.

Our 3 locations, 74 Gréber Boulevard , 914 Maloney Est Boulevard and 93 Lois Street in Gatineau, receive new arrivals on a daily basis, offering you a wide range of in-store products.

Re-Source Integration is a social economy company whose mission is to create and maintain quality jobs for people with functional limitations, by offering environmentally friendly personalized products and services.

Since 1984 and with nearly 150 dedicated and engaged employees working in 3 main business sectors, we are the solution to the obstacles our customers face thanks to the strengths of our employees, our equipment and our experience.

Our customers benefit from fast turnkey outsourcing services at very competitive rates for all their warehousing, assembly, packaging and shipping needs. We have developed an expertise in chain work with high standards of quality control, and implemented different production optimization methods.

As an adapted company, we are constantly adapting to the needs of our employees and customers.

Recycled Cedars recovers cedar trimmings for essential oil extraction and mulch production.

Our cedar trimmings free pick-up service is in full operation from May to October.

Businesses and the general public can also drop off trimmings at our facility located at 312 Saint-Louis Street in Gatineau and take the opportunity to bring home all-natural cedar mulch available for free!

You can buy our in-house cedar essential oil in our 3 stores la Source des Aubaines, as well as online.