Stand up Zenph Inflatable Paddleboard

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Product details:

Stand up zenph inflatable paddle board with SUP accessories, including a Sup board, a backpack, a floating paddle, a repair kit, a leash, a fin, a hand pump and a PAGAIA OF SUP.


  • SUPERIOR QUALITY : The Zenph Inflatable Inflatable Paddle Stand is made of high quality PVC. The design of the non -slip bridge by EVA improves stability when you stand on the paddle board. The solid construction design makes SUP Paddle board safer and more stable to maneuver in the water.
  • Quick inflation: It takes about 10 minutes to inflate and 5 minutes to deflate, which is very practical to set up. The sensitive barometer allows you to read the value of the SUP inflation pressure at any time. Easy to transport when you go out. If you are a beginner in a paddleboard, it would be a good choice for you!
  • Large and light: The inflatable SUP measures 11 feet long, 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick. Our stand up paddle can support a weight limit of 330 pounds (= 150 kg). It can be used in the silent water area, such as the ocean of calm water, rivers, lakes. Ideal for recreational canoeing, tourism fishing, yoga. In addition, you can have fun with your pets on the stand up paddle in the water.
  • Complete accessories: SUP X 1 bag, X1 repair kit, Aileron X1, Handle Pump X1, Leash X1, Pagaie Sup 3 Pieces X1. Adjustable paddle (170 cm-2110 cm) allows padyers to modify the length of the paddlers according to their size, thus improving the direction of balance.
  • EASY TO CARRY : Our inflatable paddle board after folding and stored, it is smaller and portable. We make lighter inflatable boards. It is easy to transport when you travel in the lakes or the ocean.


Dimensions: 33.85 x 9.44 x 9.44 inches

Weight : 26.45 lbs

Maximum recommended weight: 300 lbs

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