Samsung Jet90 Ultimate Stick Vacuum with Extra Battery

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Powerful cleaning
Exceptional cleaning for all types of surfaces
Cleans hardwood surfaces, tiles and carpets with intense suction power. The air system optimizes the air flow, while its multicyclonic filtration instantly captures dust particles.
Great suction power
Digital variator engine
The digital variator engine optimizes air flow thanks to its ultrasonic welded profiled blades. It provides an aspiration power of up to 200 W*.
Maintain power over time
Jet cyclone
Provides a powerful and constant suction to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating on the filter.
Have good tools to solve all problems
Turbo mechanical brush
Easily clean dust, hair and debris on carpets and a multitude of surfaces. The 180 -degree swivel head allows the vacuum cleaner to change direction easily.
Breathe a purest air in your home
HEPA filtration system
Captures the animal stakes, pollen and other non -alive allergens for a purer air in your home. The main cyclone and the metal mesh gate filter capture large piles of dust, the jet cyclone and the microfilter capture fine dust, and the ultra -finfine dust filter captures 99.999%* of micropossers.
Up to 60 minutes, no recharging need
Li-ion battery
Use the vacuum cleaner for 60 minutes without the need to recharge it and easily replace your battery with another, which gives you the possibility of 120 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning*.
Ergonomic charger
Station Z
Place and load your vacuum cleaner more easily using the "Station Z" charging support. The 7 -degree inclination facilitates the storage and detachment of the vacuum cleaner. Its thin and autonomous design allows you to place it anywhere. Its two charging adapters also load two batteries*in 3.5 hours **.
Easily check your vacuum cleaner at a glance
At a simple glance, check the notifications concerning your vacuum cleaner, in particular the level of power and the type of brush, and monitor alerts such as air flow problems, accumulations of dirt, the missing filter and much more.
Washable dust tank
Allows you to keep the tray clean and hygienic, and easily empty your vacuum cleaner. The entire dust tank, including the multi -cyclone system, is fully washable, so that they remain clean and fresh. It can also be removed without detaching the pipe from the portable housing, so you can simply pour the dust.
Ergonomic comfort
Telescopic tube
Just use the 4 -level telescopic pipe to adjust the length and enjoy ergonomic comfort regardless of your size.
Cleaning of hard floors
Sweet action brush
Pick up the fine dust on the hard floors and in the crevices using a soft action brush woven with antistatic silver threads. A pivoting head at 180 degrees allows you to clean each corner. In addition, you can easily maintain the brush with a button on a click.
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