H2OGO - Piscine Oasis sous l’eau 42604
H2OGO - Piscine Oasis sous l’eau 42604
H2OGO - Piscine Oasis sous l’eau 42604
H2OGO - Piscine Oasis sous l’eau 42604
H2OGO - Piscine Oasis sous l’eau 42604


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The Oasis underwater pool H2OGO! ® is an interactive swimming pool for families wishing to have fun and the perfect attraction for the Garden Summer. This round swimming pool has a nice pattern underwater and captivating inflatable dolphins as the main attraction. Dolphins can be used as a launching of rings or simply as a secure area to play Water Tag while heckling.

Once the watering pipe has been connected, the magic can really operate: water will be projected from the mouth of a dolphin, creating an amusing nozzle with which children can play. Designed to last, the walls are made of duraplus ™, a material resistant to perforation, made up of 3 layers of durable mesh and PVC, which has been subjected to resistance tests and can support UV rays. Simply choose a flat surface, inflate the top sausage and watch the pool straighten as it fills with water.

With more than 8 feet wide, there is a lot of room so that several children enjoy the Oasis swimming pool underwater until sunset. In addition, just 10 minutes to inflate, deflate and store this game swimming pool, which explains its great success with children and parents.

  • Liner 3 Duraplus ™ thicknesses is resistant to perforations and benefits from a good lifespan
  • Water capacity: 1.880 L (497 gal.)
  • Easy to inflate, deflate and store
  • 1 inflatable dolphin with incorporated nozzle that spray water when it is connected to a normal watering hose
  • Choose a flat surface, inflate the upper sausage and the pool will straighten as it fills with water
  • The integrated valve with flow control is connected to the watering pipe (with the adapter included) to drain water
  • Easy to dismantle for storage out of season

Content : 

  • 1 paddling pool with sprinkler
  • 1 repair patch


  • Dimensions (L. × l. × H./p.): 244 cm x 244 cm x 61cm (96.06 '' x 96.06 in x 24.02 in)
  • Weight: 5.1 kg (11.28 lb)
  • Water capacity: 1,881.35 liters (497 Gallon)

  • Dimensions - Height: 61.01 cm (24.02 in);Width: 243.99 cm (96.06 in);Depth: 243.99 cm (96.06 in)
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