Gamed pro atari 50th anniversary

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Main Features :

  • First market console to integrate games Atari 2600, 5200, 7800 and arcade in a single platform.
  • More than 200 classic games under official license, including Pong®, Asteroids®, BreakoutWarlords And bonus titles!
  • Two 2.4 GHz joysticks with integrated paddles and 3 sensitivity levels
  • Game backup options:
    • 2 backup locations via on -board memory
    • 2 backup locations via a micro SD card (not included)
  • Dynamic RGB LED lights with 3 luminosity modes
  • Console fueled by USB-C
  • The console connects to television via HDMI®.

About the product:

L'Atari Gamestation Pro is the first console on the market to integrate games Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, arcade and bonus titles in a single platform. It includes favorite games like Adventure®, Command® missile, Asteroids®, Centipede® and many more!

L'Atari Gametation Pro is delivered with not one, but two 2.4 GHz wireless joysticks, inspired by emblematic originals. For those who wish to rekindle the magic of paddle games such as Breakout® or Warlords®, do not fear: the helm integrate paddles to play in your own way. Indeed, paddles have three levels of sensitivity to respond to user preferences.

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