Amongst our seasonal items you will discover a vast array of articles to let you enjoy the return of Spring. Because mornings and evenings are still chilly, we have light outdoor clothing to keep the whole family warm: light coats and jackets, rain coats and pants, hats, caps and sunglasses. We also offer all types of footwear: running shoes, dress shoes, rain boots, gardening shoes and even the very popular Birkenstock sandals. For everyday home comfort, your family will be pleased with our selection of clothing such as pajamas, sweaters, jackets and blazers, pants, skirts, shorts and leggings.


With the return of nicer weather, we can finally set foot outside and appreciate outdoor activities. If you like gardening, we have tools, soil, fertilizers, water hoses, flower pots and lawnmowers. Looking forward to spending long evenings outside as the days grow longer? Us too! Take advantage of our deals on barbecues, patio furniture, loungers, sun umbrellas, outdoor carpets, decorative lighting and Dynatrap insect/mosquito traps. For the camping enthusiasts, our tents, chairs, coolers and portable barbecues are waiting for you!


And for those rainy days, may we suggest and offer you these indoor entertainment items and ideas to brighten your whole family’s day: board games, video games, puzzles, toys, read a good book, relax with a massage device, assemble a Lego construction, listen to your favourite music with a portable speaker or noise-cancelling headset or earbuds.


To give that same sunshining glow to your appearance, take a look at our hydrating creams, face masks and complete care treatments.


Don’t forget our office-related items that will help you ease your way through your work days:  laptops, tablets, smartwatches, smartphones and cases, home and car charging stations, hubs, routers, smart Wi-Fi plugs, headsets, stylus, mouse and keyboards, office lamps and ink cartridges.


Several brands of sanitary products and hand sanitizers are also available, as well as UV-clean sanitizer bags to eliminate bacteria on all your family’s personal items.


Want to spruce up your décor? We have various items such as throws, sheet sets, duvets, comforters, pillows, towels, lights and fixtures, dishware, curtains, bathroom and kitchen items, and very practical self-renovation articles.