Star Wars The Child édition animatronique
Star Wars The Child édition animatronique
Star Wars The Child édition animatronique
Star Wars The Child édition animatronique

The Child Animatronic edition

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He may look like " Baby Yoda ", but this adorable creature is called the child. We touch the top of the child's head, animatronic edition, to activate more than 25 combinations of sounds and movements, including noise of joy and excitement, laughter and babbling. The figurine can move the head from top to bottom, stir the ears from front to back and open and close your eyes. Features :
    Sounds inspired by the series: we touch the child's head to activate sounds inspired by the character in The Mandalorian: laughs, babbles, noise of joy, excitement, fatigue and sleep, and noise of effects of the Strength
      Motorized movements, whose head that moves from top to bottom, the ears that move back and forth, and eyes that open and close
        Activation of force: children will have to caress the child's head 3 times to activate the force. He looks up, closes his eyes and sighs as if he used strength. From 4 years old
          Street nap: channel strength requires a lot of energy. For the child to rest, you have to sleep it: he will then close his eyes and take a nap

            Appearance faithful to the Disney Plus series: the Star Wars L'Enfant figurine, Animatronic edition is inspired by the darling character of fans of the Mandalorian series and is sold with a removable pendant and a quality tunic

            4.2 '' x 10.9 '' x 10.0 in
            Weight: 0.57 kg (1.2 lbs)

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