Pomegranate Collagen Jelly Stick

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  • Brand: Freshbell
  • Flavor: Granada
  • Number of units: 600 grams
  • Article form: Stick
  • Special ingredients: collagen
  • Product advantages: anti-aging
  • Number of articles: 1
  • Color: Granada
  • Material features: without artificial aromas

    One of the brands that was distinguished during the 2023 Winter Fancy Foods Show is Fresh Bell, which manufactures frostbigs with collagen and grenade, with beneficial effects on beauty. The product has the appearance and touch of a high -end cosmetic product and it helps support radiant health and beauty from the inside.

    Exocused by artificial aromas and preservatives, the product combines a real grenade with marine collagen peptides.

    The pomegranate is not only soft, juicy and refreshing, it is also a rich source of Ellagic acid, an estrogen of plant origin which contains antioxidants and nutrients.

    Collagen is essential to the skin, hair, nails and joints of theMen, and the stick type packaging makes this beauty product unmanageable, easy to consume at any time and anywhere.

    In particular, the product is powered by a 93.1% pure pomegranate concentrate from Spain and not a drop of water.

     Of this article:

    • The perfect mixture of pomegranate and marine collagen peptide!
    • 1 stick = 1.25 pomegranate without an additional drop of water
    • 1,000 mg of ultra low marine collagen peptide: made from marine collagen (500 DA) and better absorption (40 times better than average collagen) obtained by low molecular -weight collagen peptides - An exclusive process enzymatic hydrolysis
    • 14,956 mg of pure Spanish pomegranate: supports the cells that protect against damage to the body to keep a younger appearance and contains a high concentration of antioxidants that reduce inflammation Jelly Stick
    • Easy to absorb: good taste, made from concentrated fruited fruits with fruit and a pack of sticks with an individual portion, practical for consumption on the move
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