Oceanic ensemble de plongée
Oceanic ensemble de plongée
Oceanic ensemble de plongée
Oceanic ensemble de plongée
Oceanic ensemble de plongée

Oceanic Snorkeling set

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Combining comfort, simplicity and performance, Oceanic’s Adult Snorkeling Set continues our legacy of producing dependable gear for all of your aquatic adventures. 


Fin Features

Heel Strap: Adjustable silicone heel strap comfortably and securely fits a wide range of foot sizes. Soft, flexible rubber hugs the ankle without overbinding, encouraging extended use in the water. 

X-Shape Frame: Dynamic X-shaped frame with thrust channels serves up power without muscle strain and increases your kicking efficiency over the long-haul, providing more thrust per kick than conventional designs. 

Mask Features

Silicone Skirt: An ergonomic Silicone Skirt comfortably fits a wide range of face shapes. The plush material is generously soft and readily adheres to the skin for a solid, trustworthy seal. 

Wide Field of Vision: A wide field of vision provides a panoramic view of your snorkeling experience. More visual field space in the horizontal and vertical planes ensure you see tons of detail on every adventure. 

Strap: Taking a note from ski goggle design, the strap is wide and comfortable and made from a soft material that prevents hair entanglement and slippage. Further maximizing comfort, the large adjustment buckle guarantees a pain- and pinch-free fit.  

Snorkel Loop: A large loop embedded in the goggle strap enables secure mounting of your snorkel. Placement of the snorkel loop provides reliable, low-profile positioning that’s stable and resistant to aquatic turbulence. 

Snorkel Features

Mouthpiece: A silicone mouthpiece prevents jaw fatigue and enables prolonged use and enjoyment without soreness. Easy to clean, the mouthpiece is simple to disinfect and is built for years of use.  

Dry Top: Patented dry top (US 7,077,127 & 6,904,910) prevents water from entering the snorkel—even in rough conditions. From pool to reef, it gives you confidence that each inhalation is dry, safe and effective.  

Purge Valve: The purge valve helps remove residual water that has made its way into the snorkel chamber. The one-way valve allows water to wash out without negatively impacting performance during use. 

Action Camera Mount: Footage-friendly and built for adventure, the action camera mount lets you capture your favorite moments in the water. Relive your snorkeling exploits in stunning detail and show your friends what they’re missing.


Adventure Bag

An included Mesh Adventure Bag helps you carry your entire Snorkeling Set to the pool, beach or reef. Mesh construction promotes easy drying and the twin tote straps make backpack-style carrying a breeze. 


To prevent mask fogging and condensation, rub a commercial liquid soap on the inside of the lens with your finger and rinse before each use. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after each use, and allow to dry in a cool, dry place.

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