Ninja®- Air fryer 3.8 L

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Product details

Ninja®, black, 3.8 L air fryer, is a revolutionary way to taste fried food without guilt. With its wide temperature range from 105 ° F to 400 ° F, it gently eliminates the humidity of food or cooked and makes them crisp quickly with convection heat. The non -stick basket covered with ceramic of 4 pints and the vegetable plate can contain up to 2 pounds of fries at a time, which gives you restaurant quality results directly at home. You can also dehydrate foods to make crisp snacks resembling crisps. Just select the fan speed and temperature for complete dehydration. All parts go in the dishwasher for easy cleaning, including the basket and the vegetable tray. The 1550 Watts device allows you to fry in the open air with up to 75 % less fat than traditional frying methods, which allows you to indulge in fried food without guilt.


Part AF101C
Accessories list Cool Touch handle
Device finish Black
Assembled depth (cm) 34.50 cm
Depth after assembly (PI) 1.13 Ft
Assembly depth (PO) 13 5/8 in
Assembled height (cm) 33.78 cm
Height after assembly (PI) 0.14 FT
Assembled height (PO) 1.73 inch
Assembled length (PO) 13.31 inches
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