Le coeur en bandoulière - Michel Tremblay

The heart in a strap - Michel Tremblay

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  • Michel Tremblay
  • The heart in the strap
  • Hybrid novel
  • Leméac / Acts Sud
In a Key West that he has been attending for twenty-five years and that he saw transfigured by a surge of tourists, an aging writer decides to take up the unfinished project of a tribute piece to Tchekhov who still tugs him after many years . As with the actors he stages in Cher Tchekhov, the stage fright, the doubt, the anxiety gets the point of him. Will he manage to avoid the "great awkwardness" which had led him to stop writing after eighty pages, blocked, disarken, decontencated by characters who do not manage to launch their rants, these explosions of anger and violence that constitute his signature? Through a series of sunsets on the Gulf of Mexico, which he paints and depicts with delight, the writer takes up the site of this family of actors who, during a supper of the action of thanks, confronting demons, lies, dizziness and ghosts. With the hope, this time, to lead it doubly; Thus the play and the writer will be able, if it is not too late, regain their relevance.
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