La petite communiste qui ne sourit jamais - Lola Lafon

The little communist who never smiles - Lola Lafon

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An imaginative story on the life of Nadia Comaneci


320 pages

Because she is fascinated by the fate of the miraculous little Romanian gymnast of fourteen who appeared to the Montreal Olympics in 1976 to put cold wars, computers and records to the point of accessing the status of planetary myth, the narrator of this Roman undertakes to tell what she imagines of the experience that this prodigious little girl lived, symbol of a revolted Europe, who came, by the only purity of her gestures, embody in the disillusioned eyes of the world the dream of an eternal childhood. But what version should be to retain from the journey of this small communist who never smiled and who fluttered, from east to west, in front of his judges, sports, political or media, between worship of crowds and state manipulations?

Mimetic of the magical audacity of the figures once drawn to the sky of competition by a simple child, the novel-acrobat of Lola Lafon, closer to the legend of Icarus than to the mythology of the "gods of the stadium", makes the Tribute to a fiction inspired by this one, which, with a kick to the moon, ravaged the narrowed path that we reserve for little girls, these little girls of the summer of 1976 who, thanks to her, have dreamed of setting up in a vacuum, tight abs and bare skin.

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