Lego Spidey The Spider-Man team at the Green Bouffon lighthouse 10790 Construction set (149 pieces). Includes 149 pieces, 4+ years old

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From underground pumpkin cave to the top of the lighthouse, LEGO® Marvel The Spider-Man team at the Green Bouffon lighthouse (10790) is full of action specially designed for children 4 and over.

Treasure, traps and battles of Superherosl'Ssemble includes 4 figurines - Miles Morales, Ghosty, Sandman and the Green Bouffon - as well as a pirate boat to build, a railway to transport the stolen treasure, a cave that serves as Prison, the lighthouse of the Green Bouffon headquarters and many accessories. An element of the starting brick wall gives young people the confidence necessary to build and reconfigure the whole. Simple instructions are provided in the form of a colorful image guide and, for more digital entertainment, the LEGO Builder application includes intuitive enlargement and rotation tools that allow children to visualize their model during construction.

Pleasure in sharing with family the together for children 4 years old and over are the ideal way for adults to share the pleasure of building with the youngest, whether they are LEGO enthusiasts or that they discover the Lego bricks for the first time.
• Superhero at sea-LEGO® Marvel The Spider-Man team at the Green Bouffon lighthouse (10790) has emblematic characters and multiple game possibilities designed for children 4 years and more

• Authentic action - includes the figurines of Miles Morales, Ghosty, Sandman and the Green Bouffon, as well as a pirate boat to build, a railway, a prison in a cave and the headquarters of the headquarters of Green boffoon

• Many game possibilities - Children play roles in endless adventures of good against evil involving a distribution of the roles of heroes and wicked LEGO® Marvel and a stolen treasure chest

• A gift for children - with its starting brick and its simple construction stages, this game promotes the development of children aged 4 and over allowing them to take advantage of endless practical and imaginative games

• Reconfigurable amusement - The lighthouse measures more than 22 cm high, 31 cm wide and 21 cm Deprofondeur

• Creative construction - A printed image guide shows the purpose of each construction stage and the LEGO® Builder application offers digital enlargement and rotation tools so that children can visualize their model while they build

• Extend the pleasure - the wide range of LEGO® sets for children 4 years and over presents them a universe of cinema favorites, television characters and daily heroes

• Guaranteed quality - LEGO® components meet the strictest quality standards in the sector to ensure that they are consistent, compatible and that they connect each time each time

• guaranteed security - LEGO® components are released, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to ensure that they meet rigorous global security standards
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