Lego La boulangerie 21184
Lego La boulangerie 21184
Lego La boulangerie 21184
Lego La boulangerie 21184
Lego La boulangerie 21184
Lego La boulangerie 21184
Lego La boulangerie 21184

Lego La Boulangerie 21184

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Filled with Minecraft® characters, fun accessories and cool features, LEGO® Minecraft La Boulangerie (21184) is an entertaining gift for children aged 8 and over.

Reconfigurable pleasure for creative children
This Minecraft game set is full of playing activities and possibilities. The artistic distribution of Minecraft characters includes a baker, a snow villagers, a goat and a Creeper ™. The lively bakery includes a furnished room where children can recreate stories from domestic life. Before they can cook the bread and the cookies, children must bring together the ingredients. They get wheat by helping a farmer to grow it. They get milk while betraying the goat. Finally, they join the baker to be creative in the kitchen. To add to the excitement, a formidable creepper prowls nearby and is determined to destroy the trunk containing a precious egg. Children must defend the bakery using the classic Minecraft weapon, a diamond sword. When the battle is over, the modular whole can be easily reorganized to inspire new adventures.

  • A versatile set of play - The LEGO® Minecraft® Ensemble Bakery (21184) is full of activities and allows you to have fun by building, cooking and fighting.
  • The characters in the game - he includes characters and Minecraft® mobs that players will recognize: a baker, a snow villagers, a goat and a creepper ™
  • Several ways of playing - children can cook bread in the bakery, play in the Living room, grow wheat on the farm, milking the goat, fighting a creepper ™, then recreating the game for even more adventures
  • A gift for children - Offer to Minecraft® players aged 8 and over a birthday, Christmas or another occasion with this practical video game version
  • A portable game - measuring more than 8 cm high, 17 cm wide and 14 cm deep, this compact set is full of possibilities of playing
  • The reality of Minecraft® - LEGO® Minecraft sets offer children a different way of enjoying video games with crowds, scenes and popular characteristics that come to life thanks to the creativity of Lego bricks
  • Guaranteed quality - LEGO® components meet strict industrial quality standards to ensure that they are consistent, compatible assemble and dismantle each time each time
  • A guaranteed security - LEGO® components are subject to heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed falls to ensure that they meet rigorous global safety standards
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