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Soft sheet set

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Add comfort to your lifestyle with this set of luxury sheets. It is a great inclusion for any house and will integrate perfectly into any room. This set of superior quality sheets will easily blend with most decoration and set styles. Its unique details give you a subtle style and a touch of elegance. This bedding set is made from superior quality fabric and has a remarkable style which adds an exceptional value to each set.

- This set of sheets has everything you need to rest and relax
- This bedding set gives you the impression of being lying in luxury
- hypoallergenic, antibacterial, ecological and mites resistant
- This set of sheets is designed for relaxation throughout the year
- It is designed to keep you warm in winter and serve as refreshing sheets in summer
- resistant to discoloration, stains, narrowing and folds
- easy to clean and store
- 100% polyester
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