Whip Luminous moisturizer

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Olay crème hydratante Whip Luminous

Whip Luminous moisturizer

Regular price $21.44
Sale price $21.44 Regular price $27.49

Whip moisturizer

  • Deliciously whipped: finally, all the power of a heavy whipped cream with airy perfection. Ten years of manufacture, this revolutionary formula in weightlessness is light as air without compromising power.

  • Absorption rush: this innovative moisturizer, with Active Rush technology, is transformed from liquid cream on contact, absorbing the flash and delivering a rush of lightening ingredients and hydration that lasts all day.

  • Light finish like air: the skin is left with a smooth, mat and shineless finish that does not feel sticky or oily. The light finish as the air makes this moisturizer perfect to help makeup and stay throughout the day.
  • Unique structure.: Whips with Active Rush Technology has a unique three -dimensional structure that provides powerful ingredients and intense hydration in an airy and weightless form. This revolutionary technology gives your skin these advantages without frustrating compromises.
  • Hold and release: its innovative maintenance and release system can contain 1000 times its weight in hydration and active ingredients. When this Whip moisturizer is applied to your skin, it instantly releases powerful hydration and assets for immediate absorption.
  • Mat humidity: Active Rush technology instantly leaves light, dry and soft, non -greasy or smooth skin. This powerful technology even works throughout the day to keep the skin smooth and mate, helping to ban this 15 -hour shine.
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