Book- The Housekeepers

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"A flawless and lawless pleasure" Kiran Millwood Hargrave, successful author of The Mercies

"Prepare to be more hungry for each page you turn" Nina de Gramont, successful author of the Christie affair

Upstairs, Madame is preparing the season's party.

Below, servants plot the robbery of the century.

When Ms. King, governing of the most illustrious Mayfair house, is suddenly dismissed after years of good and loyal service, she knows who recruits to help her take revenge.

A queen of the black market who wants to settle her accounts. A desperate actress of having a magnificent role. A seamstress dreaming of a better life. And the predecessor of Mrs. King, who has been keeping Park Lane's dark secrets for too long.

Ms. King has a daring project in mind: bringing her women together at the bottom of the house on the evening of a magnificent ball - and taking place under the nose of her former employers ...

They come from nothing. But they will leave with everything.

Dazzling, elegant and madly entertaining, The Housekeepers releases an extravagant alliance of women that you will never forget ...

"Imagine Ocean's 8 had a Baby illegitimate with Fingersmith - a big diamond of a book "Erin Kelly

"Held to add to the last page. The strong, determined and memorable female characters take you into their intrigue canvas' Jennifer

"This tortuous robbery is a deliciously playful start" The Times

"Fun, fast and completely immersive, The Housekeepers is a rare jewel that deserves to be coveted" Emma Stonex

"An exhilarating book, tinged with fury, sadness and playful pleasure" Claire North

"All those who like a happy birthday that has gone wrong will devour it" Sarah Penner

"I can't tell you how fun you will have with this book. An unleashed and explosive mashup of Bridgerton films and the ocean, with perfectly drawn characters. Glorious Bobby Palmer

“These ingenious and cunning ladies, the strength of their fraternity and their collective quest for freedom will miss. I really needed them to win and I rejoiced in a hoarse voice 'Chikodili Emelumadu

Publisher: Headline publishing group

Binding: paper

Date of publication: 06 July 2023

Dimensions: 153 x 233 x 32 mm

ISBN: 9781472299352

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